Build a better team

Compass uses Slack to help you build healthy and effective teams.

Deep Structure

Visualize your team’s communication patterns with our graph and leaderboards.

Detailed Analytics

View time-series data for messages, mentions and sentiment for people and channels.

Team Insights

Run surveys in Slack to collect consensus from the people in your team.

How does it work?

Discover the deep structure of your team

Visualize your team's communication and run powerful network analysis metrics to discover which people play pivotal roles.


Explore an interactive graph of people and channels, connected by mentions and direct messages.


Find out who is the best connected person, alongside many other leaderboards.


Fine tune your graph to see different time ranges, remove weak connections and color by team or sentiment.

Explore time-series analytics

See how key metrics change over time for people and channels.


Spot messaging patterns across people and channels.


Track how engagement changes between people.


Monitor trends of positive and negative language.

Tap into your team’s insights

Effortlessly collect team feedback without leaving Slack.


Choose a question or use one of our team-health templates.


Decide which people to send the question to and let them answer in Slack.


Explore the responses to understand the collective consensus of your team.

Get Started

Add the Slack app

Install Compass for the Slack workspace you want to analyze.

Relax, Use Slack

Keep using your workspace whilst we crunch the numbers in the background.

Check Compass

Explore and interpret your graph, stats, leaderboards and surveys.

Reimagine Your Team

Use the insights you’ve learned to improve the way your team uses Slack, support key team members, break down silos, eliminate bottlenecks, and more.


Our pricing is based on the number of users in your Slack workspace.

Up to 50 people
Per Month
Up to 200 people
Per Month
Up to 500 people
Per Month
Large Organizations