Build a better team

Compass uses Slack to help you build healthy and effective teams.


Discover the deep structure of your team

Visualize your team’s communication and run powerful network analysis metrics to discover who plays a pivotal role (positive or negative) in the health of your team.


Tap into your team’s insights with surveys

Effortlessly collect feedback from your team, inside of Slack.


Improve how your team uses Slack

Find ways to improve your channel structure and encourage transparency.


Reimagine your team

Use the insights you’ve learned to improve the way your team uses Slack, support key team members, break down silos, eliminate bottlenecks, and more.


per user / per month
Network visualization
Team leaderboards
Week, month and quarter activity ranges
Basic Slack surveys

Compass Pro

per user / per month
Custom queries and segments
Leaderboard trends
Custom time ranges
Advanced Slack surveys

Chart a new course for your team with Compass

30-day money back guarantee