Security & Privacy

Compass is powerful tool for understanding how your team communicates. To provide these insights, we analyze the message data from your Slack workspace. We recognize that teams often use Slack to discuss and share highly sensitive material. Because of this, we never store your messages or read file attachments.

Instead, we analyze your messages on the fly (extracting information like mentions, sentiment, channel, and other metadata) and then discard the message content once finished.

By default, Compass is only enabled for public channels in your Slack workspace. This means we don't read any content from direct messages or private channels unless you enable Private Message Insights.


We also store a small amount of profile information for each person and channel within your workspace. We use these profiles to build the interactive network view of your team.

Refer to the following Slack API documentation to keep up to date with the fields that we store.

Users Channels Teams

These profiles contain descriptive data (like the team name and avatar) rather than sensitive data (like passwords or billing information). We update these resources automatically when Slack notifies us that they have been changed.

We wipe your team’s data whenever you uninstall the Compass addon from your workspace. We also have a deletion-on-demand policy that allows teams to request a full deletion of all their associated data.

We have a strict employee access and confidentiality policy that prevents our employees from accessing your data without prior consent.

All communication between your browser and our servers and between our servers and Slack is encrypted over HTTPS. Our servers are hosted on an isolated Virtual Private Cloud within Amazon's battle tested AWS infrastructure. All data is encrypted at rest.